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Few words about us...

Hey, friends, welcome to our nest! This website presents the collaborative work of our AliceRon family.


I am the youngest member of the team. From early childhood, I was into drawing. I have started from the color pencils and paints, but gradually turned to the digital tablet. My creative style is hybrid: it combines elements of Ukrainian folk painting, but deviates from traditional standards and includes unexpected elements that fantasy throws me. For the past few years I have been studying Japanese, so in my work you can find echoes of Japanese culture.


My mother Iryna has extraordinary mathematic skills and a sense of beauty. She is good at combining collages from the items I create. Mum is an experienced designer, you can see the fruits of her labor on the "Shop" page of our website. If the T-shirts or any other item touch your heart, you can always buy them. My mum will be happy, that her works are appreciated!


The «AliceRon»‎ team name was created by my father Alex. He was really hardworking person. If he started the new case, he dived into it completely, trying to reach the peak. A few years ago dad got carried away with photography and created a series of Halloween photos. Dad lived a bright life and left us his optimism, life philosophy, and the power to keep moving forward on our creative path. Find his heritage in the Holidays: Halloween category.

Yuriy and Larisa

Our grandad and grandma with fantastic imagination together create warm and touching stories about kindness, loyalty, friendship, resilience, compassion, and mutual support between humans and animals.

And finally, we can reveal the sense of our team name. «AliceRon»‎ — this complex name consists of two simple ones: «Alice»‎ and «Rony»‎. These are the names of your lovely welsh-corgi little friends — the heart of our inspiration.

Here you can start your journey through the pages of our website, and we kindly hope, you will find it cozy, relaxing, and cute.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or just simply wanna say us a few words, please fill the form below! We will be glad to see your message and answer you as quickly as possible!


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